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Qualicision solutions proved to be adequate instruments supporting open human communication and interaction processes in which human reactions play an important role. Other aspects, whose content is not definitely quantified when making a decision, come into play as well.

Such processes can be: sales consulting, customer evaluation, purchase decision or search processes carried out with large or redundant data sets. As Qualicision solutions related to open processes are mainly used in the business area, they are called Qualicision B solutions (B stands for business-oriented).

Based upon intelligent problem-solving techniques, Qualicision uses, among others, the fuzzy logic approach. The Qualicision software integrates decision and technical knowledge into different kinds of processes. The software introduction goes together with Qualicision consulting.

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Qualicision B solutions can be applied to generate decision recommendations related with creditworthiness checks or credit granting processes, or to generate cross-selling recommendations in sales consultancy situations. To give an example: PSI FLS received the order to create a software system for credit and sales consulting. The credit and sales consultant is using the system interactively while talking with the customer. Using the system can be compared to filling in any credit, insurance or other contract form.

The GUI serves as an application or contract form, which the consultant fills with the customer's information. At the moment the credit and sales consultant is entering the data, the system starts generating automatically online credit and sales recommendations, offering the best correspondance possible between the customer's needs and the products offered to him. Standard functions like investigations at rating agencies or commitment checks are evaluated as well as individual customer information, regarding, for instance, the purpose of the application.

The software system can be specifically adapted to the targets and strategies of the banking sector and is actually used at over 50 locations in Germany, totaling more than 200 installed systems.

By order of one of the leading factoring banks PSI FLS developed a Qualicision  software module for automated credit decision processing.

Using Qualicision, it is possible to make systematic and automated credit decisions whose decision quality, if methodically secured, will equal that of human decisions. Qualicision solutions related to open processes are called Qualicision B solutions (with B standing for business-oriented).

Before applying the decision knowledge successfully, PSI FLS had to carry out, together with the bank's staff, a careful and thorough assimilation and modeling of the technical knowledge about credit decisionmaking (Qualicision analysis aimed at knowledge acquisition).

The knowledge modeled with Qualicision techniques refers to the evaluation of companies' creditworthiness and to the definition of credit limits, both based upon the factoring contract, according to which the customer sells his accounts receivable to the bank.

Depending on the credit limit, the factoring bank purchases the trade debts taking the entire risk of default and granting the customer the factoring of his sales volume, securing thus his receivables.

In order to decide the credit limit granted in a specific case, the bank uses a certain number of decision criteria, weighed according to the bank's targets. All decision criteria serve the purpose of evaluating and narrowing the probable risk of default concerning each of the customer's buyers.

The quantitative and qualitative decision module Qualicision is integrated into the online factoring software, which itself is going to be embedded in the bank's website.

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Support in consulting interviews with Qualicision

Being a typical case of open decision situations are consulting interviews, with a considerable amount of information having to be exchanged and processed in a most sensitive and flexible way.

Qualicision software helps maintaining the flexibility of decisions during the interview and granting the process safety at a time.

Process relevant data are safely captured online and immediately used as new input for decision recommendations while the consultant continues interviewing the customer.

During the interview, customer-specific data are entered online analogously to filling in an application form by writing.

 The Qualicision software supports the consultant from the background, giving helpful, decision-relevant hints.

Mainly in the factoring business, credit decisions are made on the phone or even online. Said decisions are required almost immediately, in a flexible way, reducing risks to a minimum.

As the results of an open communication process with customers are not entirely predictable, the communication is supported best with Qualicision B techniques. The software focuses the consultant's attention to those decision aspects, which are most important at a certain moment.

At the same time, the bank's strategic specifications are transformed into automated decision standards, increasing the decision quality. Even online queries sent via Internet can be processed automatically with Qualicision B while maintaining an adequate quality of the consultant's decision.

Analysis or optimization decisions normally are based on several technical and non-technical questions. Examples from the wide field of technical decision-making might be: equipping or retrofitting industrial plants and systems, operating resources selection or analysis, planning different production process steps, determination of optimal utilization of existing facilities. Even though management or business-oriented questions deal with thematically different problems, surprisingly the structure of decision-making situations is very similar, when, for example, customers, providers or credit worthiness are subject to analysis.

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